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凯时注册用户 – 30 years of supporting members!

凯时注册用户 aims to be a voice for consultants to civil society. It provides a forum for communication and collaboration, an environment to foster the highest ethical standards of professional and business practice, and networking opportunities across Europe.

What our members value about 凯时注册用户

“As a sole trader I particularly value the useful collegiality of 凯时注册用户 conferences and workshops. It’s great to have the opportunity to relate to colleagues who share similar values, working in a similar or complementary field in an atmosphere of friendship, trust and mutual respect.” (凯时注册用户 Member Testimonial)

We were established in 1991.

We commit to professional development, have a strong core of active members, work by an ethical code of professional conduct, have a unique pan-European appeal.

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